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Subvert Games, independent studio based in Leeds, UK

Development status

In development, Early Access available

Release date

Preorders: 25 June 2014
Steam Early Access: 16 July 2014


Windows, Mac, Linux PC




Of Guards And Thieves is a game about teamplay, stealthy movement, action, tactics and timing. OGAT brings together gameplay from FPS, Top-down shooters and sandbox games. We want to give you a unique and original experience, full of content and highly replayable. The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux PC with full Steam support.

Guards and Thieves mode gameplay (GaT)

Using the main game mode (Guard vs Thieves) the guards must defend SIX objects present on the game map. Each objects will be spread differently throughout the different maps however the location of the objects will NEVER change on the same map. The guards have to strategize and hold key locations of the map to prevent thieves reaching any objects. Use common sense to try to think about the thieves' target object however be wary of ruses from the thieves' team.

In contrast, while the guards are defending the six objects on the map, thieves have the objective of stealing ONE precise object that will be pointed out by the yellow objective arrow. Thieves have to steal the target object and escape with it safely through one of the exits. The target object will be randomly selected by the system and will be announced to the thieves team at the beginning of the game. The guards do not know which of the objects is the real goal of the thieves. Strategize with your teammate for an all-in attack or confuse the guards by stealing other objects to distract them.


  • Stealth Multiplayer Action game
  • Dynamic and innovative use of lighting
  • Faction System
  • Class System with different weapons, gadgets and roles.
  • Experience and Leveling System
  • Tons of gamemodes, GaT, TDM, DM, CTF, DE, ZR, MB, SOC, VIP, BH, SpyParty, TTT and more!
  • Exclusive Single Player and Co-op game modes
  • "Time of the Day" and "Weather" system
  • Achievements, Challenges and Trophies
  • Clans, Tournaments and Leagues
  • In-game Map Editor
* OGAT is currently in Early Access Development Phase, new content and features will be added with every update, check the development wiki section for more detail, http://ogat.gamepedia.com/Development




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Logo & Icon

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Awards & Recognition

Placed 6th in Ludum Dare Jam #26

Selected Articles

“Of Guards and Thieves is a powder keg of potential. It's an absolute ton of fun with friends and strangers alike. There's simply no reason to pass it by. Get in on the ground floor and let's go!”

- Zam.com

Monetization Permission

Subvert Games allows for the contents of of Guards and Thieves to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from of Guards adn Thieves is legally & explicitly allowed by Subvert Games.

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Alessandro Cominu - Development and Game Design

Marco Lisci - Art and Game Design